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Shaking hands? Racing thoughts? Heart beating out of your chest?
Let's put an end to that, shall we? Introducing...

The 7-Day Stepfamily Stress Detox

Feel At Peace In Your Body, Mind, Soul & Stepfamily IN UNDER 10 MINUTES A DAY. Guaranteed.

Use this practical method to STOP BLOWING UP, SHUTTING DOWN, OR STOMPING OFf in stressful situations. The program on this page will SHOW YOU how.

To: The Stepmom Who Didn't Really Know What She Was Getting Herself Into...

Wanna know how to handle stepfamily stress with dignity, grace, and composure?

(Or at the very least, without losing your zzzzhit!)

Here's the secret:

No More Short-Fused Ultimatums, "Disengaging,"  Or Counting Down 'til 18. Just A Simple Way To Chill.

Me, 9 Years Ago:

Caught somewhere between a jaded online stepparent forum, another big decision I'd been left out of, the zillionth fight about “her,” and four-thousand-and-something days left to go…

I’d had enough.

I quit following stepfamily "advice" from books, blog posts, and people who didn't get it. Stopped pretending that “not my kid, not my problem” was a viable long-term solution. And ignored anyone who suggested I'd be happy if I left my husband.

9 Years Later:

My relationship with my stepson grew from silent exchanges in the hallway, to me feeling excited when he’s coming and sad when he’s going. From awkward, forced interactions between us, to effortless respect and inside jokes.

From “their kid,” to "my stepson."

I don't feel nauseous anymore when someone mentions my stepson's mother's name.

The queasy-tummy, sweaty-handed, heart-racing nervousness I’d feel at the very thought of her has been replaced by stress-free interactions if we do see each other, and a huge dose of indifference in the long spans of time between.

Maybe you also know what it's like to only ever fight with your spouse about their first family?
That was us too. 

I wondered what we'd even fight about if not my husband's ex or their son.

 (Laundry. The answer is laundry.)

Wanna know how I went from wishing my life away to the easy, breezy, sock-matching aficionado I am today?

I realized that if I actually wanted to build the happiest-ever-after life with the person I loved most in the world, then I had to stop blowing up, shutting down, and stomping off when stepfamily issues came up.

Even though my fuse grew shorter and shorter while I waited for our problems to work themselves out (lol) at least my built-up stress helped create new problems on top of the old ones that hadn't been dealt with. Problem Sandwich, anyone?

Frankly, I wasn't coping well with the demands of stepmotherhood. And the way I was (not) dealing with the stress of it all was driving a wedge between my husband and I, slowly turning us into adversaries instead of the teammates we'd vowed to be.

So when it came down to the choice of either watching my mental and physical health plummet or ending my marriage and never ever ever ever dating a single parent again
I chose option C: 
 Learn how to C.T.F.O...

Mission: Chill T.F. Out, started with a few small tweaks to the ways I managed my stress. (Like, I actually started to manage it instead of hoping it would go away if I ignored it long enough.)

Those small tweaks gave me a bit more patience, which helped me better tolerate stepfamily distress in the heat of the moment. 

More patience and tolerance kept me from lashing out and turning a bad situation into a
Problem Sandwich.

Less emotional outbursts led to less fighting, which led to an atmosphere in my marriage where, for the first time ever, we could discuss issues with "The First Family" from a calm, rational place.

And bippity, boppity, boo! 

Younger me wouldn't have believed this, but it turns out that joining a stepfamily has easily turned out to be the most humbling, healing, and liberating experience of my entire life.

I’m healthier than I’ve ever been – body, mind, and soul. I sleep like a baby. My skin glows. I smile, like, A LOT. I have two beautiful, healthy ours-babies, and my stepson made the choice to move in full-time.

"It's like the Emergency Stop button on your emotional roller coaster."
- Regina George, The Plastics 
Allow me to show you some of the improvements my clients have seen by following the method you'll discover inside the Stepfamily Stress Detox...

Like this stepmom, whose partner recognized an immediate improvement in her mindset...
And this stepmom who finally found "the power and support to thrive through this journey"
And this stepmom who wished she'd learned these things sooner, instead of struggling with frustration and resentment for years

Disclaimer: The restructuring of stepfamily dynamics often commands an enduring commitment to small changes over time. I've been studying and working with the brain, body, mind, and behavior of humans for 13+ years, and know that motivation is fleeting. My clients who've ended up creating the happiest, healthiest step-lives have done so because they've remained dedicated to the process of creating something new long after the novelty has worn off. Most people are either simply unwilling or unable to access the commitment, tolerate the discomfort, and develop the skills required to create and sustain an extraordinary life.

But for those who are willing to do what's necessary, I can show you how to deal with stepfamily stress, rejuvenate your wellness, and live a life you love, using a simple method that works.

on this page you can get immediate access to everything above (and more) delivered As A day-by-day digital course for just $97 $27! 

The course also includes self-assessments, example downloads, printable daily worksheets, Downloadable Audio Tracks, and more to help you Release Toxic Emotions, Flush Out Negativity, And Start Feeling Like Yourself Again, with the 7-Day stepfamily stress detox.

Here’s A Look At What You’ll Discover Inside of this Video Course...

  • ​​Why it's NOT your fault if you shut down, blow up, or freak out about stressful stepfamily situations -- and what you can start doing today to react with dignity, grace, and composure...
  • ​​If you thought you needed to hide your true feelings in order to keep the peace, then you're going to be SHOCKED by relationship secrets you discover on Day 6!
  • ​Have you ever wished that you just had a normal family? Let me show you the sneaky ways the Normal Family Paradigm could be causing unnecessary stress -- and what you can do about it...
  • ​​What the Ancient Babylonians can teach you about reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression...
  • ​Watch the Day 1 Video to discover a little-known way to trigger your body's built-in relaxation chemicals, so you can literally CTFO in less than 2 minutes! (HINT: It's how I stay cool as a polar bear eating a snow cone when my husband's ex-wife comes into my house...)
  • ​WARNING: What it really means for your long-term health to have a short fuse... See Day 3 to find out what you should do if you lose patience at the smallest of things...
  • ​​What the "Problem Sandwich" is and how you can spot the red flags before someone ends up sleeping on the couch...
  • The real secret to reducing blended family conflict - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea is certain to improve your relationships...   
  • ​You'll find out an easy way to take advantage of your body's natural hormones to soothe your anxiety - fast!
  • ​After nearly being hospitalized for a mental breakdown, a stepmom finally discovers the truth about her body's subtle warning signs -- and now you can use her startling discovery to significantly reduce your own risk for burnout! 
  • ​In just 10 minutes from now, you could be unlocking your body's chill-out chemicals -- watch Day 1 to find out how!
  • ​How something you already do all day every day can make you an even better person, partner, and parent, with just a couple of tiny tweaks!
  • ​And you'll find much, much more inside this 8+ module digital course!

Soothe Body, Mind, & Soul, And Start Feeling Like Yourself Again With My 7-Day Stepfamily Stress Detox

The series I have for sale on this page is called the 7-Day Stepfamily Stress Detox because that's exactly what it is.

A simple method for alleviating the negative effects of stepfamily-related stress, so you can love the life you live and the people you live it with.

In fact, you could be a whole lot less stressed just 10 minutes from now.

Unless you're like one of those people who likes having shaking hands and a racing heart every time their partner's phone rings...

If you like it, maybe you'll become a client of mine and I can help you establish and maintain meaningful step-relationships for many years to come.

Either way, this is a great program that lends a holistic approach to wellness.

Tap the yellow button to get rid of your stepfamily-related stress, in under 10 minutes a day.

Out with the yuck, in with the ahhh.

It Works Even If Nobody In Your Stepfamily Listens To You

Let's get in the Trust Tree for a second.

If the people in your stepfamily were already listening to you, then you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. (#beenthere #donethat #gottheteeshirt)

I don't know how many hours I used to spend Googling all the ways I could try to "get my partner on the same page," and make my stepfamily understand what it was like for me to be on the outside of their family.

But when I think back to the days that I felt invisible, I didn't actually want my stepfamily to just listen to me. I wanted the good stuff I thought I'd get if they listened:

⭐️ To actually feel at home in my own home... more than 50% of the time...

⭐️ To matter and to be considered as much as the first family was...
⭐️ To be taken seriously as a parental figure in my stepson's life...

⭐️ A toilet made of solid gold...

⭐️ To fall asleep at night without being plagued by regret, resentment, or worry...

⭐️ To look in the mirror and be proud of the woman staring back at me...

⭐️ To be certain that I hadn't signed up for a lifetime of being an afterthought...

⭐️ To feel supported in resolving conflict without resorting to things like blowing up, shutting down, or freaking out in order for someone to pay attention...

And since my little song and dance of walking on eggshells, pretending to be fine, and stuffing my feelings until I had a meltdown wasn't uber effective at creating any of that good stuff for me, I had to figure out another way.

This is that way.

In less than 10 minutes a day for just one tiny week, you can be that much closer to all the good stuff you deserve.

You can get the full method in the 7-Day Stepfamily Stress Detox. So even if nobody listens to you (yet), by this time next week, you'll be so blissed out you won't even give a tiny rat.

It's easier than impulse-buying mass-produced goods to your doorstep.

 reclaim your wellness. reimagine your relationships. rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Get The Series Right Now & Receive These 2 Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1

Dear Darling Letter Template

Once upon a time, you fell in love. That wild, deep, once-in-a-lifetime connection that some people search their entire lives to find. And maybe, just maybe, that love made it impossible to imagine your future together would be anything other than a fairytale... But whatever Happily Ever After was meant to look like for you, let me go out on a limb and say this ain't it.

The Dear Darling Letter Template will help you discover hidden strengths in your relationship, allowing you to gain a fresh perspective on the uniqueness and resilience you share as a coupleWhether or not you choose to share your discoveries with your partner, this letter template will guide you to gently pull back the curtain to your subconscious and reveal what really makes this a love worth fighting for.


In The Feels
Hand-Curated Auditory Healing Session

In the heat of the moment, have you ever acted in ways that were completely out of character? If so, this is for you.

During periods of high stress, many people can say or do things that they either don't mean or that they end up regretting. A lot of the time, those reactions are caused by unprocessed emotional pain that has become stuck in your body and is difficult to find with conscious thought alone.

These hand-curated playlists have been sequenced in order to help you bring these stored feelings to the surface, so that you can release any hidden toxic emotions that have taken up residence in your body, mind, and spirit and contributed to your stress. 

It's a whole vibe.

Here's My 365-Day Guarantee

Try the course and bonuses for 1 entire year.

If for some reason you don’t find them useful, I’ll refund your entire purchase. (And you can even keep it all forever.)

So, try this method now, or try it 358 days from now, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just zip an email to and we'll refund you pronto.

Join The 7-Day Stepfamily Stress Detox Now

See you in there,

Brittany "The Fairy Godmother" Lynch

About Your Coach

Brittany Lynch went through two divorces by the age of 17. And three before the age of 35...

Thanks to the work ethic she inherited from her (twice) single mother, she has spent the majority of her adult life trying to solve the puzzle of how we can all achieve optimal health, happiness, and relationships.

As a young adult, Brittany worked as a Registered Nurse in areas such as mental health, psychiatry, and neurology. After working through an immense amount of pain and suffering when she became a stepmom herself, she completed a post-degree certification in Stepfamily Counselling through the Stepfamily Foundation in NYC. She has been supporting stepfamilies since 2018. 

Brittany has since served tens of thousands of people from 98 countries. It has become her life's work to help 10 million stepfamily members to create homes where everyone can feel safe, included, and respected.

Brittany believes with everything in her body, mind, and soul, that there is nothing more profoundly impactful on a person's existence than their closest relationships. The dissolution of her childhood family system not once, but twice, created a substantial amount of suffering and instability for both her and the people she loves most in the world. That's why she is so passionate about supporting other families to avoid similar pain, and it shows in the transformation and results experienced by her incredible clients.

Brittany believes that happy stepfamilies are built by healthy people, which is why her coaching methodology focuses heavily on wellness practices that support body, mind, and soul.

Live in a house that feels like home. 
Happy. Healthy. Whole. 

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